Location! Location! Location!

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! That’s right, Azvex Brewing Co. will set up camp in the incredible city of Liverpool!

This will come as a bit of a surprise to most of you but I thought long and hard about where to base Azvex and one thing that became clear to me while I was doing this was that I was completely free to do it wherever I wanted. There was a fresh canvas in front of me with which I could do absolutely anything with. I was not tied to anything or anywhere, I had complete freedom and flexibility.

I am not from Liverpool, nor have I even lived there (yet) but I have visited several times and every time it has been fantastic. It is an amazing city for many reasons: the people, architecture, tourism, music, football, the list goes on. It is also known as one of the best cities in the country for nights out. There are hundreds of great bars and restaurants in the city. However, in the context of this post, Liverpool is rarely referred to as being a “beer” city. Why this is I am unsure as all the ingredients for an amazing beer scene are there – the bars, the breweries, the people. Liverpool has gone through a huge and impressive regeneration over the last 10-15 years with loads more planned over the next 30. I feel that the city is right on the cusp of becoming even more exciting than it already is, including being known for its beer. There have been some great new additions to the city’s beer scene over the last couple of years and hopefully Azvex can further add to this. One local brewery in particular deserves a mentioning here – Carnival Brewing Company, as they are now my new neighbours!

Azvex Brewing Co. – Unit 16

I have spent the best part of a year trying to find the right space and I have finally found it. Situated on King Edward Rise in Unit 16 you will find Azvex. It is on the north edge of the city centre, only a short walk away from the major rail links and other city centre attractions. Sometime soon (very soon) I should be able to open the doors to welcome you in.

One of the most important things for any business is location. What do you need it to be? Size, layout, accessibility, utilities, parking, footfall, price, expansion etc. are all words that go through your mind.

For me, I want to build a brewery so the key things I need are a large space with a sensible layout, HGV accessibility, three phase electric, large mains gas supply, good quality water, good water pressure and drainage. These are things that you can get in a lot of places but on top of this I want a taproom. This adds some harder to meet requirements. I need good links to the city centre and/or public transport. Onsite parking is also a desirable for anyone who wants to pick up. Finding a big open space building in a location like this which has the correct use class or can be changed to the correct use class is much harder than it might seem. I spent many months on this with more places falling through than I can count but I have finally found what I believe to be the perfect spot.

So there you have it. Azvex will be a Liverpool based brewery. I am 100% committed to this project. My family and I are moving to Liverpool and we are putting everything we have into it. Hopefully Azvex will become a great asset and addition to what is already a great city.

Progress update

The work has already started. Here are a few pics for you all to see.

Besides the above, there are other more boring things that need to be done. I said that I would cover the necessary things for starting a brewery so here is the status of everything:

  • Brewhouse plant – Completed manufacturer and is on the water!
  • Canning line – Completed manufacture
  • Process heating boiler – Completed manufacture
  • Flooring/drainage – In progress right now
  • Cold room – Work planned in
  • Brewery cooling system – Ordered
  • Premises licence – Complete
  • Planning permission – Submitted, in progress
  • Site layout plan – Complete
  • NRU/HMRC registration – Complete
  • AWRS registration – Submitted, in progress
  • Trade effluent permit – Submitted, in progress
  • Hop contracts – In place
  • Recruitment – A couple or opportunities are available very soon. Apply here!

Now that I have access to the site the countdown timer can begin. I am optimistic that I can get beer out to you all by the end of the summer. To keep up to date signup with the relevant link below.

Adam Henderson – Azvex Brewing Co.

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